Scouts are at the age where they can experience the true adventure that scouting has to offer – from arts and crafts in the meeting place to jumping off cliffs, climbing, sailing, hiking, raft building and many more! We aim to give scouts a wide range of activities and experiences so they can learn some new skills by accident along the way.

Archery – We are fortunate to have a dedicated archery range available to us at Frith Grange where scouts can practise their skills.

Backwoods Cooking – Have you ever eaten an orange egg,  baked an apple or stuffed an onion?

Camping – Every year we get away at least once camping. We aim to have at least three camps a year, two ‘weekend’ camps in the spring and summer and a longer expedition style camp to more remote locations.

Canoeing & Kayaking – Nothing beats paddling along a river when the sun is out!

Climbing – Be it indoors on a climbing wall or outdoors on natural rock, nothing beats finding that next hold and wondering where to place your feet

Geocaching – We have our own geocaches in and around Finchley, have you found them? We also have trackable coins that are touring the planet!

Go Karting – Every now and again we feel the need for speed and there is no better way to test your reflexes that an evening spent with friend Go Karting.

Hiking – Be it a night hike, an all day expedition, family hike or ramble around town, hiking keeps you fit, gets you out in the fresh air and enables you to learn those important navigation skills.

Mountain Biking – We like our bikes and endeavour to get out and about on them as often as possible through the year.

Narrowboating – Have you ever been on a floating camp? Cruised thought a city centre and seen things from a whole new angle? No, then this is the type of camp for you!

Paintball – Will you work together as a team to capture the flag?

Raft Building – Great days spent trying to build the perfect raft before launching and seeing just how well your design holds together!