1st Finchley Scout Group - Half Term Climbing FunClimbing be it on an indoor wall or outdoors on rock tests a climber’s strength, endurance, agility and balance along with mental control.

Here at 1st Finchley Scout Group we use The Castle Climbing Centre to gain indoor rock climbing experience with our aim to get scouts ready to try their skills outdoors on rock.

Scouts start out on low level bouldering where they get used to foot placement and the different types of hold. As they get more proficient and progress to tougher bouldering routes they then transfer to the climbing walls where they get to put these skills into practise. Harnesses on the Scouts learn how to tie in, top rope and belay each other on the climbing walls under close supervision.

Initially using any route as they climb and then refining this so that with each climb things get that little bit harder and take a bit more problem solving. The sense of achievement growing as they complete each climb.

Training & Safety

We take safety seriously and the following content is provided to give a basic understanding of bouldering, top roping & belaying. They do not replace hands on training or supervision by a competent person. The following safety video is provided by The Castle Climbing Centre and is geared towards using the bouldering walls where all Scouts start before progressing to the climbing walls.

Once Scouts progress to belaying, the following video is a useful reminder of what not to do!

The World’s Worst Belayer – Bad belaying techniques!

The following are useful resources for scouts & parents interested in climbing;