Centenary NarrowboatNarrowboating or Narrow Boating, what better way can there be to take Scouts away for a while? Introducing them to the world of canals and the excitement of life afloat in ever changing surroundings. There are a wide range of activities including navigation and route planning for the journey, steering a boat through a city or the open countryside, working the locks and experiencing the tunnels, discovering a world rich in resources, learning to live together away from the home environment, shopping, cooking, encouraging teamwork and developing self esteem and respect for others. Local and natural history as well as canal architecture are added interests.

Not that far from us here in Finchley we have the Regents canal which runs East to West through London. What better way could there be to see and experience central London than floating along the canal.

Before joining us on-board Scouts undergo training to get them up to speed with life afloat. Below are some of the resources that we use;

Boater’s Handbook DVD


The Boater’s Handbook by the Canal & River Trust is a useful guide but I prefer Towpath Tips by Dusty Miller which is available direct from Dusty. We issue a copy of Towpath Tips to all Scouts before a trip as it gives a light-hearted but factual guide on all the essential knowledge required on the canals.

Our GSL runs these camps and holds both the RYA Inland Waterways Helmsman’s Certificate and the National Canal Boat Associations Certificate in Community Boat Management as well as being a Volunteer Lock Keeper for The Canal & River Trust.